Business Continuity

A business continuity plan is no longer a nice to have but is becoming a regulatory mandate for particular business industries. An industry or regulatory mandate should not be the determining factor in your business implementing one, or at the very least having a disaster recovery plan in place.

We believe that having a recovery or continuity plan in place is both a defensive and an offensive business strategy.  Your clients trust you to be around to provide the services they have come to depend on you for, continuity and recovery planning helps to ensure that you do not disappoint them.

Don’t wait until a hurricane is off the coast to start your recovery or continuity planning.

Let us help you with:

Business Impact Analysis: Discover what impact various type of disruptions can have on your business.

Continuity Plan development: Using information from the BIA, we can help you develop a comprehensive continuity plan for your business.

Testing of your plans: We will help you and your staff run through your continuity strategies providing feedback and improvements.

Contingency Planning Audit: We can audit your present plans and help you improve them.