Hosted Services

UBIQUITY offers the hosted email compliance trifecta of security, archiving and automated email encryption. Inbound and outbound emails are scanned to block malware (like viruses, phishing attacks and spam) compressed to ensure reliable delivery of “clean” and compliant emails.

Outgoing emails can be encrypted based on company policy or on the fly as specified by the individual sender.  Companies gain a high level of protection for their transmission of sensitive customer information and intellectual property, while complying with industry regulations.

Stop taking unnecessary risks with your business communications let us help you restore the confidentiality of your emails.

Hosted Email Security:
*Block viruses, phishing attacks and spam before they get to your business network
*Never have clients complain about bounced emails again when your server is down or if there is a power loss
*No additional hardware or software to purchase
*Protect your reputation with a safeguard that prevents users from inadvertently sending spam and viruses to your customers, suppliers and partners.
*Identify possible compromised PCs on your network that can lead to the leak of sensitive corporate information.
Hosted Email Archiving:
*Continuous on-demand access to email from anywhere
*Failure of your internal server, users can still access our hosted servers and send/receive emails
*No downtime or bounced email messages
*24×7 access to archived emails and attachments
*All incoming and outgoing emails archived no mailbox limits or pst files to worry about
*No additional hardware or software to purchase
*Deleted email recovery, business email continuity email archiving
*E-discovery to help with litigation and forensic investigations
Hosted Email Encryption
*Protect customer information and company intellectual property
*Set policies that encrypt specific emails or auto-encrypt all emails
*Based on content, sender and recipient
*Users choose which emails to encrypt
Email Hosting:
*Gain a professional interenet presence via email that represents your business
*Includes our hosted Email Security service
*Have a professional email address up and running in less than a day