Managed IT

To succeed and grow, you need to have an astute and experienced technology partner on whom you can depend. UBIQUITY is that technology partner.

UBIQUITY specialises in comprehensive, flat-rate computer support services for small, medium and enterprise businesses. We have invested in sophisticated tools and processes to protect your data, keep your computer systems reliable and your employees productive. Our fundamental commitment to preventative maintenance is a big reason we stand apart from our competitors.

Our approach offers the following benefits and advantages to you:

Fixed monthly payments: Know your monthly IT investment, no more guessing.

Ongoing maintenance and support: Increased uptime means increased productivity which means increase in profits for you, we catch and resolve issues before they stop your business because we  maintain and monitor 24×7.

Immediate web based support: No more waiting for a technician to arrive on-site to begin working, get immediate web-based remote support.